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From: "I purchased your book and read it in detail.  First, I’m going to get my resume revised from a passive, to what you call an action-oriented resume.  I haven't "hugged" my resume in a long time, but I will now! FYI, what you offer for $10.95 is as good or better than what the so-called "executive career management" and outplacement firms offer for thousands of dollars.  I know, because I’ve used them in the past.  Thanks, again!" Michael S. Chief Executive Officer "I read your book over the last few days.  I found it well written and insightful. Hopefully I will be able to use the tools you offered soon." Tom C. Director, Human Resources "It's very well written, and more important, full of great ideas.  I will be using it to revise parts of my resume and prepare for my interviews.  I have done more than my fair share of interviews, but I still found the book to be a valuable read.  Yesterday I recommended it to my networking group." Tom S. Vice President, Human Resources   "Excellent!  Right to the point and written by someone who has definitely been there.  I promise to stand in the lobby!" Rick H. Manager, Information Systems "The difference in the response I'm getting on my resume has paid for your book many times over.  I'm actually getting interviews!" Stephen A. Software Engineer "I thought the section on The 5 Questions was the best.  They keep coming up on every interview I take." Stephanie K. HR Manager "I needed this a year ago.  When I think of how many interviews I've gone on and not gotten an offer . . . Now I know why!" Ron H. VP Sales "I have an interview next week.  I'm going to use this to prepare for it.  I can use just about everything you talked about.  Much of what you write is useful in other areas of life, too!" Wayne P. Investment Banker “What you describe is not only good interview technique, but good selling technique!  I learned some of this years ago in a sales training class--but I never thought to apply it on a job interview.” Toni C. Account Manager
What the Readers Say